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Cities for all: Cities 2030, UHOCU Implementing the New Urban Agenda

The Uganda Housing cooperative Union (UHOCU) is the apex body for all housing cooperatives in Uganda. Our mission is to facilitate access to adequate housing to all individuals of the Ugandan society through the housing cooperative model. UHOCU participated in Habitat III in Ecuador and through the East and Southern Regional housing network, contributed to the draft New Urban Agenda. From 7th to 13th February 2018, UHOCU will join the rest of the world to participate in the World Urban Forum9 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  This is an opportunity for governments, private sector and other urban actors to reflect upon what has been achieved so far as we look forward to “cities for all: cities 2030″

These are 5 key elements of the New Urban Agenda where UHOCU has focused:

  1. Sustainable urban development for Social inclusion and Ending poverty
  2. Sustainable and inclusive Urban prosperity and Opportunities for all
  3. Environmentally sustainable and Resilient Urban Development
  4. Building the Urban governance structure: Establishing a supportive framework
  5. Planning and Managing Urban Spatial Development

Download the WUF9_UHOCU flyer today to get more information on the above programs.

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