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From Executive Director

Uganda Housing Cooperative Union was established by a group of 10 primary housing cooperatives which came together in a bid to find access to adequate housing amongst low and middle income earners in various communities of Uganda.

UHOCU is a development organisation. It is a non for profit organisation working towards the right to adequate housing amongst low and middle income earners in Uganda. Its a human-centered NGO.UHOCU can also be labeled as an organisation that advocates for its membership to have access to adequate housing and therefore with the help of external donors and government designs and implements projects to ensure that this goal is achieved. Uganda Housing Cooperative Union was established in the year 2013.


A community where each individual has access to a healthy dwelling environment.


To facilitate access to adequate housing to all individuals in the Ugandan in society through the cooperative housing model.

Broad objectives

  1. To organize and develop housing cooperative societies
  2. To promote, educate, advocate and develop sound methods and procedures for its members
  3. Educate communities about the benefits of savings, enterprise selection and investment.
  4. Advocate for good legislation on housing
  5. Provide a link with other bodies with similar objectives.
  6. Engage in research, development and supply of related information as required by its members.
  7. Assist members to improve their governance, efficiency and performance in order to strengthen their capacity to create jobs, access markets, generate income, reduce poverty, provide social protection and give people a voice in the society
  8. To create environmental awareness through promoting eco-friendly construction and land utilization techniques

Core programs/thematic focus

UHOCU has three core programs that it believes will help in achieving its mission;

  1. Training and community sensitisation
  2. Water, Sanitation and Physical Infrastructure
  3. Lobbying and advocacy

Focus groups

Uganda Housing Cooperative Union‘s focus is on the socio-economically disadvantaged groups within the communities of Uganda. That is the men, women, children and youth. Keeping in mind the current housing problems and the inadequate shelter that is prevalent in the country, the main focus is on these low income earners who have little or no access to adequate housing.

Geographical focus

This is a national union therefore the focus is on the whole of Uganda.

Legal status

Uganda Housing Cooperative Union is a registered body with of the Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives. It is registered under the Uganda Cooperative Societies Statute 1991 and the Uganda Cooperative Regulations 1992.The registration number is 10354/RCS.