The  Strengthening Cooperative Housing project (SCOHP) started in January 2014 and was designed to strengthen housing cooperative organizations in Uganda, with special emphasis on the newly formed Uganda Housing Cooperative Union (UHOCU).Through enhancing their capacity to support on a sustainable basis their membership in order to cause expected change in the livelihoods of the members of the PHCs. The project as well continued to support the housing cooperatives until such a time that they are able to support their union and the Union was also able to provide the necessary support to the Primary Housing Cooperative Societies (PHCS).

The project focused on building the capacity of the Housing union in order to nurture it to take over fully the role of mobilization and capacity building among the low-income communities, as well as to take a lead role in lobbying and advocating for the right to adequate housing. Consequently, Uganda Cooperative Alliance(UCA) implemented the project directly for the initial one and a half years, as the union gains competence; later the project implementation was handled by the union with support from UCA. The project was funded by We Effect

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Housing cooperatives conduct businesses that boost member income to support their livelihoods and save for decent shelter.



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